Information in English

With i-EVAL international youth encounters have a freeware online-tool for the evaluation of international youth encounters.

The use of i-EVAL is easy and the access is free for everyone responsible for international youth encounters.

Self-evaluation with i-EVAL

The online tool i-EVAL can be used here:
More information on i-EVAL are in the online help.

Publications in English

  • Earlier articles (before the online tool i-EVAL was introduced) can be found here:
  • English article on the evaluation system (American Camping Magazine 3/2009, p. 18-21).
  • Flyer in English (from 2013)
  • Information on the access study (2018) – a part of the study worked with i-EVAL

Information for researchers

Researchers are welcome to contact the project leader Wolfgang Ilg in German or English.